BIPOC Voices

These are the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. The venture capitalist Arlan Hamilton refers to them as the underestimated. We highlight the true hustlers, those who have overcome the most on their journey.

A Community Rallies for Hungry Kids with Bella Lam of Coconut Whisk

To help with meals during the COVID-19 crisis, Bella Lam and her company, Coconut Whisk shared free pancake and waffle mix. Her community came alongside her to help. Bella Lam is the Founder and CEO of Coconut Whisk, a vegan and gluten-free baking mix company. With every sale, Coconut Whisk donates a vegan meal to…

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Zaheen Nanji, Resilience Champion

How do you talk about a health crisis when you teach wellness and resilience to others? Zaheen Nanji was born in Kenya. She was a bright child, and so, at the age of seven, she skipped a grade. Soon after that, she developed a profound stutter. This speech disorder and the resulting social isolation was…

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