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325: An Umbrella Made from Ocean-Bound Plastic, with Deirdre Horan, Dri

(For show notes and a full transcript, see Dri produces durable, fashionable, and environmentally sustainable umbrellas from ocean-bound...

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322: Think Against the Grain for Regenerative Farmers, with Dan Miller, Steward

For extended show notes, see: Steward is a community of borrowers and lenders who support regenerative farming. Can...

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321: The Many Faces of Service, with Kate Glantz, Luma Legacy

For complete show notes, see: Luma Legacy: A Fairer, Kinder World “Luma Legacy is a segment within Luma...

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320: Katherine Venturo-Conerly and Tom Osborn, Shamiri Institute

For extended show notes and a full transcript, see https::// Half of the young people in Kenya have elevated...

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319: Kick Off, Season Four

318: A Traveler’s Guide To World Peace, with Aziz Abu Sarah, MEJDI Tours

NOTE: For extended show notes, see MEJDI Tours sees tourism as an opportunity to transform lives through dual...

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317: Tap into the Strengths of Neurodiversity, with Isabella He

NOTE: For full show notes, see High school students work on behalf of those with autism spectrum disorder...

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312: How to Have Stuff without Breaking the Planet, with Sandra Goldmark

311: The Purpose-Driven Social Entrepreneur, with Karim Abouelnaga, Practice Makes Perfect

NOTE: For a full transcript of the conversation, see: Close the Opportunity Gap through high-impact programs before, during,...

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