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021, Julian Maha, KultureCity | The Startup That is Changing the Perception of Autism

Autism is the fastest growing developmental diagnosis. It is more often diagnosed in children than diabetes, HIV and cancer combined. About four years ago, Julian Maha and his wife received a diagnosis of autism for their son Abram. At the time, they were told that they would need to institutionalize their son. After a very brief period of shock and mourning from the news, the Maha family, both physicians and business people, made a decision that would change the course of their life, the life of their son and the lives of thousands of families who are dealing with Autism. They formed an organization, KultureCity.

KultureCity has an aim of shifting how autism is perceived and how autistic individuals are treated in our society. They also have a mission to create a business model that allows them to sustain their impact over time through multiple revenue streams.

In this episode of Social Entrepreneur, we discuss:

  • The back story behind the foundation of KultureCity.
  • Their goals and strategies.
  • How KultureCity is changing the perception of people with autism.
  • How KultureCity is generating revenues that sustain their impact.


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