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068, Founding and Funding, Part 1 | Jackie Biederman and Tony Loyd

Founding and funding a social enterprise: how do you start and what do you do? Every Friday in April we’re going to talk about practical tips to help you become a startup founder and how to fund your dreams. Today, we’re going to kick it off by discussing the series with practical advice. The series will touch on 10 different themes:  

  1. Personal Development – Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management
  2. Determine my aspirations – Social impact, freelancer, join a company, found a startup, create a small/medium enterprise, system-wide change
  3. Design the business – Customer empathy, ideation, problem definition, rapid prototyping, minimally viable products, field testing
  4. Define the business – Business model, customer segments, value proposition, product-market fit, channels, partnerships, cost structures, revenue streams
  5. Fund the business – Bootstrapping, pitching, friends & family, crowdfunding, angel investors, seed funding, venture capital, Series A
  6. Launch the business – Structure, competitive advantage, product development, pricing, distribution, IP
  7. Customer relations – Find first 100 customers, awareness, attraction, conversion, retention, resell, upsell, build a tribe
  8. Scale the business – Sales, marketing, online presence, SEO, social media, defining choke points
  9. Optimize the business – Impact assessment, business metrics, systems, automation, templates
  10. Lead the business – Strategy, communication, hiring, coaching, managing, motivating, creating culture

To help us kick off the series, I brought in a co-host, Jackie Biederman of the Changemaker Podcast. In this episode of Social Entrepreneur, we talk about:

  • What are the goals for this series? (5:34)
  • What topics will be covered? (8:07)
  • Why are you qualified to talk about this? (11:50)
  • Planning versus doing: which is more important? (14:06)
  • What makes a great leader? (17:21)
  • What are some tips to increase our sense of self-awareness? (20:19)
  • What advice do you have on bootstrapping? (32:47)
  • What are the biggest pitfalls for entrepreneurs to avoid? (37:29)
  • How do you know when it’s time to stick with an idea and when it’s time to let go? (41:42)
  • What practical recommendations do you have for social entrepreneurs that they can apply today? (43:33)
  • What is one unexpected but important lesson you’re learning as you start your company? (45:18)
  • A call to action (47:56)

Mentoring Giveaway:

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