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24: Stories of Resilience, Part 4

Uncharted territory.

This is the final installment from a storytelling class by Dane Stauffer, featuring storytellers who are 55 years old or older.

Today’s storytellers are talking about their in uncharted territories. Whether they are trapped in an apartment, puttering in a garden, in an unfamiliar landscape with a parent, or on the open road, they are finding ways to be resilient.

Ann Davey, I’m Sheboygan

Bio: I’m expanding my horizons in my retirement with improv and storytelling. It keeps me busy and learning new things is always good for mental health.

Sandra Eliason, Harmony

Bio: I am a retired physician who has turned to writing full time. I enjoy getting together with people, which is on hold now in person. I enjoy reading. I am currently reading all the books I have collected meaning to read over the years and am making a dent. I’m currently trudging my way through “War and Peace.” I enjoy walking and visiting with my kids and grandkids, currently socially distanced in backyard. I enjoy storytelling and writing. I am currently learning to allow myself to be lazy, to sit and read or write with no guilt. And I am trying hard to get my house in order to downsize.

Susan Temple, Dad, After Mom

Bio: I raised five daughters and taught kindergarten for many years. When my 30-year marriage ended suddenly five years ago, I began a journey of self-discovery that led to my becoming a Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner. Now I get to help others on their own journey to self-discovery. I love supporting folks as they find more peace and freedom in their lives.

Mary Britt Delaney, Biking, Summer 1974

Bio: I am an Irish woman, native of St Paul. I enjoy listening, learning, and sharing experiences. A favorite quote comes from a Navajo Indian Prayer: “As I walk, the universe is walking with me.” I wonder what is next?

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