Thrive. Connect. Contribute

Thrive. Connect. Contribute.

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We tell positive stories of people who thrive in life, connect with others, and contribute to the world in the face of adversity. These are short stories. Think of this as The Moth or StoryCorps for resilient people.

Why is it called Thrive. Connect. Contribute? You are here on earth to connect with others and contribute to the world. But before you can connect and contribute, you must first practice self-care. In other words, you must thrive. Thrive. Connect. Contribute. In that order.

4: These Children Show Us How to Connect with Others in a Time of Crisis

Audio Applesauce is a podcast for kids who want to have fun and learn cool things.

James, age 10, and Ella who is almost 8 years old, were at the end their spring break from school. They were looking forward to going back to school and reconnecting with their friends. But then, the coronavirus struck. School was closed for at least the next two weeks, probably longer.

James and Ella’s mom is Jackie Biederman. She is the cofounder of StoryPop Media where she helps companies to connect with customers and team through original podcasts. She told me “We were wondering what we could do to keep learning and having fun. We also wondered how we might help other kids.”

A couple of weeks earlier, James had setup a mini recording studio in a closet. The kids had been excited for quite some time to have a podcast, so their mom thought it might be fun to create one together.

James and Ella loved the idea of creating a show, creating something for their friends and family to hear.

Jackie says, “First we brainstormed names and then came up with some fun segments. Next, we thought of who we knew that could share something cool and educational at the same time.”

Since Audio Applesauce launched, the kids have been excited to hear their work. They have been receiving comments from loving family and friends about the impact they’re making.

When I asked Stella what she had learned from the experience, she responded, “When some people are in a hard moment, it’s good to help others and give them something from you.”

I asked James what people should be thinking about right now, especially in the face of COVID-19. He responded, “Stay calm and have hope that someday the coronavirus will go away.”

Great advice, indeed.

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