Thrive. Connect. Contribute

Antiracist Voter

The murder of George Floyd created a moment of reflection and rededication to racial equality. But moments are ephemeral. Americans have a notoriously short attention span. How do we maintain momentum so that the moment becomes a movement? How do we translate the demands of protests into the domain of policy? Antiracist ideas are activated in antiracist policy, especially in…

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Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur exists at the intersection of profit and purpose. We tell positive stories from underrepresented voices, focused on solutions.

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Thrive. Connect. Contribute.

We tell positive stories of people who thrive in life, connect with others, and contribute to the world in the face of adversity. These are short stories. Think of this as The Moth or StoryCorps for resilient people. Why is it called Thrive. Connect. Contribute? You are here on earth to connect with others and contribute to the world. But…

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