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Stories of Resilience
Ruth Lauritzen, Nancy Winter, Laurie Kamman, and Nancy Gagliardi

A shift in perspective.

Welcome back to part three of a four-part series on Stories of Resilience. One of the ways to build resilience is to reframe something, to see it in a new way.  

These stories come from a storytelling class taught by Dane Stauffer. The class is part of a Creative Aging initiative from Aroha Philanthropies. The class is targeted for those over 55 years old, with some participants in their 80s. The goal of the program is to upend the narrative on aging.

These stories are told via Zoom during the pandemic.

Today we hear stories about a shift in perspective. One story is about an eye infection that led to a new way of seeing things. Another is about a new way of seeing Passover. And one is about a cat who changed her mind.

The first story comes from Ruth Lauritzen. She finds a way to have grace for her much younger self. 

Ruth Lauritzen, The Lesson

Bio: I am retired from a career in teaching and design. I most enjoy theater, music, reading, and the outdoors. I look forward to returning to live performances in the not too distant future (fingers crossed). My hubby and I miss our family and friends.

Nancy Winter, A Little Eye Problem

Bio: I am a 68-year-old, never married, no children retired mortgage banker. I’m a single-family homeowner planning to stay in my home as long as possible. I have lost both of my siblings and parents to diseases and am wanting to share stories of care giving with humor and compassion and the importance of taking care of yourself. Travel was a passion of mine having been to over 45 countries with unique stories.  I have friends living in multiple states of all ages, interests, life experiences, opinions, goals and am always open to new friends.

Laurie Kamman, The First-Ever Passover Zoom-Over

Bio: Laurie Kamman is a native Minnesotan.  As a journalist she worked in public radio and television.  Prior to the Pandemic she enjoyed traveling and learning about other cultures through food and art.  She hopes to resume this passion in the not too distant future.  She is a daily walker. She also loves to challenge herself by trying new things.  At 64, she is continuing to develop her skills as a storyteller. She believes we get to know ourselves and each other through the stories we share.  She divides her time between the Twin Cities and Charleston, South Carolina.

Nancy Gagliardi, Morgan’s Easter Story

Bio: I am a retired elementary school teacher, wife, stepmom, grandmother, Auntie, friend, and animal lover. I enjoy people and getting to know them through their stories. Navigating life the best I can and enjoying the ride. Grateful to have discovered this storytelling community.

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